Friday, July 27, 2012

In defense of the letter carrier

We all remember how a while back, postal workers seemed to be going crazy.  We all have used the phrase "going postal" at some point, right.  Well, I'm putting it out there (and not because I feel threatened): I love my mailman.

Mercury (not his real name) is fantastic.  He has been our letter carrier for at least 8 years.  He's great to talk to-a really friendly guy. He goes about his business, always cordial and willing to talk, but he works hard and gets his work done.

I know there is always a lot of talk about how the Postal Service is losing money.  Just google postal service deficit for articles galore.

Mercury dropped off a post card from our local postmaster a few weeks ago.  The card said that we may notice a different carrier bringing our mail, or that it will come at different times of the day.

I asked Mercury about it and he told me that they are cutting personnel all over the area.  The carriers who are left have to get a lot more mail out.  Some carriers aren't getting their routes done till 6 at night-which isn't going to be good when it's winter and pitch black at that time of day.

I remember back 8 years ago, when my eldest was 3.  We had a mail slot in our front door; no box outside.  Our front door was open because the weather was nice, so Mercury opened the storm door to toss the mail inside and there was my three year old, staring at him.

"Hey there," Mercury said.  "Is there somebody in there with you?"  "Yes," I said, "I'm right here."  "Oh, good," said Mercury, "I just wanted to check." I can't imagine what he's seen carrying mail on his route for the last 20 years.

Letter carriers who work the same route all the time notice if mail starts piling up.  Letter carriers who work the same route all the time would notice if there was something wrong at a senior citizen's house, or if someone was getting smacked around by a spouse or parent.  A letter carrier who works the same route all the time would know if there might be someone in the neighborhood who needs some company or a meal.  I don't want a different mailman.  Mercury knows my neighborhood.  He knows who is in the neighborhood and who is supposed to be here.

The Letter Carrier is on the first line of defense against crime, terrorism, pain, and hunger.  The letter carrier who walks the same route every day is necessary. He is essential.  She is important.  The bean counters in Postmasters' offices all over the country need to remember this and stop mucking around with the routes.  They need to make sure this essential service- a service that goes beyond delivering junk mail-doesn't go away. I'm grateful for letter carriers. You should be, too.

7 Quick Takes

I haven't done this for a really long time.  Let's see if I can eke 7 takes out for this post...

1. I didn't wach the opening of the Olympics in London.  Forgot they were on, and then we wound up watching the Yankees-RedSox game.

2. Went to Chick-fil-a for dinner.  It was delicious and it felt good to support the chain. Had a ton of fun with the kids.

3. Having a realtor come in next week to give us a market analysis.  trying to get the house ready but that's not going to be easy because...

4. Tomorrow night we are going to see the Somerset Patriots play.  My oldest son's little league team won their league, so we are all going together to celebrate.

5.  It's fireworks night tomorrow.  It will be extra nice since the oldest guy was away at Boy Scout camp 4th of July week and he really missed not going to the fireworks with us on the 4th.

6.  all of the bigger kids have baseball practice tomorrow morning-at the same time, naturally-and my younger son is going to a birthday party tomorrow which is a pool party in the host's backyard, which means...

7. I have to go with him and stand next to the pool to make sure he doesn't drown.  I trust the parents who are hosting the party COMPLETELY, however, my kids don't really swim.  Parties get crazy busy and often adults think someone else is watching the kids.  I am going to be playing lifeguard.

For more quick takes, please visit our lovely host, Jennifer Fulweiler at Conversion Diary.

My least favorite part of summer

Dear friends, family, fellow parishioners, and random people I may encounter in my life for the next 2 weeks,

My baby does not have the mumps or measles.  She was bitten several times on the face by mosquitoes (or one mosquito) while she played in her play yard in my living room as I cooked lunch.


Seriously, she gets these welts when she is bitten by a mosquito that turn really ugly. She's running around giving people high fives as usual, so she is going to be fine.

I wish death to all mosquitoes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I have the smartest baby ever

Know how I know I have the smartest baby ever?  I bought her one of those gyroscopic bowls that you can't dump out.  And she figured out a way to dump the contents of her dinner onto the floor.

She's a genius, I tell you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

new blog for me to ignore!

Yes, I started a new blog.  I think I kind of outgrew RC Mommy, so I started this one instead.

Why did I call it "wiping up the messes?" Mostly because that's what I do.  I wipe up messes from counters and couches, baby faces and other baby places, floors and doors. I wipe up all kinds of messes.  All. day. long.

So here it is: wiping up the messes.  Amy 2.0.