Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interrupting Cow

One of my family's favorite jokes goes like this: 

Joey: Knock, knock. 
Judy: Who's there? 
Joey: Interrupting Cow. 
Judy: Interrupting Co-
Joey: MOO!!!!

My chlidren have a very annoying habit of interrupting everyone else in the house.  One kid starts to talk and another, sensing that Mom's attention has been given to another person, runs from the other end of the house to tell their information that is ohsoimportantitjustcantwait, totally interrupting their brother/sister/father. We have tried being polite, "You must wait, you're interrupting," but that hasn't really helped.

This past weekend, when we were all in the car, my dear husband was talking to me.  My oldest son, my worst offender, started interrupting. Because I am incredibly mature completely the exchange went like this: 

B1: Mom, I was thinking about-
Mom: MOO!
B1: Mom, I was-
Mom: MOO!
B1: Mom-
Mom: MOOO, B1!

He stopped talking.  The car cracked up. I finished my conversation and turned to B1 and said, "Do you know why I was moo-ing at you?"

"Because I was interrupting," the 11.5 year old replied.

This has been working well for us so far.  If someone is interrupting now, we just turn and moo at them and continue the conversation.  No one's feelings get hurt because it's funny, and the interrupting child knows that they are next in line.

Think of the applications for this:

Child who tries to talk to me through a closed bathroom door: MOO!
Telemarketer calls during dinner: MOO! *click*
Call waiting beeps: MOO!

The possibilities are nearly endless.

Attorney 1: Your honor, I object-
Attorney 2: MOO!

Who would you "MOO!" at and why?


  1. I'm going to have to use this trick! Our daughter interrupts us ALL THE TIME when we're trying to catch up in the car. Thank you!-Jessie

  2. That knock-knock joke made me laugh out loud. I'm going home and telling it to my 10.5-year-old. He'll love it, and I think will get the MOOS that are coming when he interrupts.

    I'm here visiting from Derfward Manor. I'll be back!

  3. Ha! Clever.

    I should "Moo" at my cat when she's interrupting my sleep. But I think she might try to eat me because she thinks I'm steak.

  4. My supervisor *cannot* let anyone finish a sentence. EVER. I wonder how much trouble I'd get in for mooing at him.

    Dropping by from the Manor too!

  5. Very clever parenting. This reminds me of my friend who would only allow her kids to argue while singing it in an operatic style.

  6. Oh, this one is one to hang on to!
    Moo! Love it!